How to transform ugly container into beautiful storage

If you have empty container at home, don’t throw that away yet! Decorate it and use it for storage.
I had this big green container, which is so good to hold my extra grocery items, but looks ugly otherwise. On first thoughts I preferred throwing it out but then I decided otherwise. 

So this is how I transformed an ugly looking container into something that I would love to keep, and you could too. Here’s how.
Find the container you want to work on, ensure that it is sturdy and worth spending your time on. Don’t take any container that might break, otherwise its not worth spending your time one. I found this:

Then nicely wash it inside out. Remove any stickers, this will make the surface even and smooth. Now paint the container!

I used a white paint. Don’t worry if you can’t paint properly, the container will have a rusty farm look with that which looks good as well. Paint as good as you can.

Once you have painted the whole outside surface, let it dry for 24 hours, if possible let it dry in sunlight. You don’t have to worry about painting the inside of it, as that will always remain covered. Additionally wrap the lid with a ribbon if you don’t want to paint.

Now in the meantime start preparing the flowers for decorating it. You can always draw a rough sketch on paper before you start making your flower to get an idea of how you are going to do it.
Find and make the flower that you like the most. I loved the dandelion here so went ahead with making that one. There are loads of videos on YouTube showing exactly how to make it. If you don’t like dandelion go for any other flower. Here I used two different colours to make a contrast. Also, anything looks good with a white background, so in case you are using a white background you can use multiple colours as well, its all good.. I cut out some leaves too to go with the flowers.

Now, your container is all ready as well as the flowers and leaves for the decor, so what are you waiting for…go ahead and arrange the flowers on the container and once you are happy, glue them down. Arrange everything as you would have already decided and glue them together.

Voila and your ugly looking container is looking so much better now.

Try this out with any container that you have at home and let me know how you go…!

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