Amazing benefits of travelling with kids

Over the past 3 years, my perception of traveling with kids has changed and evolved in a whole new way! I discovered the benefits!, whether its traveling intercity, or abroad or just to the simplest of places, now I long to go out with my son.

All thanks to my son! And here’s why.

  1. Having Fun like Kids!

It’s not like we didn’t have fun before, but kids have this gift of finding fun in everything they do. Whether it is enjoying the drive, or feeling the sand at the beach or enjoying their heart out at the simplest of place. Everything seems to gets too exciting and enjoyable because of them.


  1. We view the world through a kid’s eyes

The world is new to them every single day, that’s why they are always excited and want to know everything! They are so interested in learning that they never miss noticing the tiniest details and the hidden gems in places that we often miss.


  1. We can learn a lot from them!

My son questions everything he sees and constantly wants to learn more. He wants to know why we are doing what we are doing. If something does not serve the purpose it is for then what does it do. Ask more about the place and what it offers us, so in this case, you have to read ahead and find out before you can answer.


  1. Our days are filled with activities

Before having my kids going on a holiday meant lazy, soothing, laying in the sun on the beach or building sand castle quietly or sightseeing quietly and that’s it.

And now its more of running around, playing with the water, building sand castles, breaking them and rebuilding them on the beaches, sightseeing while answering 100s of questions, well everything but not being lazy.


  1. We get prepared for the unexpected

Well, expecting the unexpected is an indispensable part of traveling with kids. Even if you plan the trip weeks ago, something unexpected might come up. We have to deal with all uncertainties whether we are prepared or not! So, be ready to accept that and sort it out accordingly, instead of losing your cool.  Don’t lose your ability to think straight coz of something that we can be prepared for.

So, with each outing, we prepare ourselves a lot and all that helps us to plan the next one better.


  1. You really spend quality family time together

Well am not saying that we don’t do that otherwise, but every day we only get to see each other in the morning, before we leave the house and then during the evening. And then again there is cooking, everyday chores and what not.

However, while traveling, we get to spend the whole time with family and have no other distractions. Be it going to the office every day or kid spending his/her time in school or household chores.


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