Going to the zoo with your kid? – Herez how you can plan it!

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Well planned is half done! – we have heard that a lot of time and that is true! Before heading out to the zoo, a thoughtful preparation will ensure you have a worry-free tour! Then what are we waiting for! Let’s start planning together!


v First thing is deciding on the zoo itself, well if there is only one zoo at your place then it’s easy! But if there are more than one then chose the one you would want to visit. Visit their online site and get as much as information about the zoo from there. You would also want to check their websites for special events or any updates about one of the special features being closed/cancelled along with considering going on a day when the weather is not too hot as the animals tend to stay inside and not show up on hot sunny days.

v Booking tickets – Enquire and arrange the tickets well in advance! Well I would suggest booking tickets online when going with your kid as that will be better than standing in queues to get the tickets with your kid. So, visit the zoo website and get that sorted however, if you still wish to buy the tickets while being at the zoo then let’s keep this aside till you are already there.


v Map– Check Zoo website if there is a map available and you can refer it or wait till you get to the zoo, they will definitely give you one to refer to and enjoy your tour to the fullest. One advantage of checking for maps online is that you can plan in advance which area you want to cover first or not cover at all. 


v Plan getting to the zoo/transport – If you are going by car the things are easy but if you want to enjoy public transport then plan your route in advance, check the timings of Bus/Trains/Ferries/ etc. well in advance, I would say at least a day in advance so you know of the major changes. Also keep a track of all your transport arrangements on the day of your visit.

v Do the Packing the preferably the day before, or night before and keep everything ready at a place which you can grab and go, this way you can avoid the chaos before heading out!

v Decide if you want to Carry stroller from home or Rent it at the zoo. Trust me you would want to carry this with you or rent it. Carrying the child around is going to be lot tiring otherwise. The best advice is to carry the stroller/wagon or rent them and I find multiple uses of them too. There are lot of zoo that offer renting stroller. Do check online for facilities at the zoo that you can use.

v Food– Prepare the lunch you would like to take to the zoo in advance. Take something that would not require heating up and is easy to eat. Carry snacks that you can munch on while at the zoo, carry something the kids like the most, but also include things that the elders would enjoy on the way. Some items you can carry are, Fresh fruits, chips, small snack/biscuit packets, grapes, juice, chocolates, candies. Remember to pack them properly.


I have also created a checklist that you can use while packing! Check it out here!

There is a whole article dedicated to that too, read it here: Going to the zoo with your toddler? – Planning is the key for a stress-free tour!


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