How To Make A Simple Checklist Board

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This post is about an idea of 
a Vision Board/Checklist Board! I prepared this when I figured that Printable checklists or checklists are written somewhere, were not working for me. And again following checklists on mobile/laptop/tablet were not working for me too…So, I gathered whatever was lying around unused in the house and made something for me which I regularly see now and follow. I call it a Vision Board/Checklist Board! You can find the YouTube video on how to make this one here!

Things you will need
1.     Cereal Box/Cardboard
2.     A4 Papers/Notebook pages/Colored paper
3.     Binding clips
4.     Transparent sheet (Optional)


5.     Leaves cutout, design paper (Optional/For decoration)
Things required to create checklist board
Step 1
Cut the cardboard or cereal box into the size you would want your checklist to be.
Step 2
Cut the papers you would like to cut into proper size.
Step 3
Align the papers on the cardboard and place them there with the help of binder clips.
Step 4
Decorate your DIY checklist the way you like. I decorated it with a few strips of design paper and a leaf cutout. You are all set!


You can make multiple checklists and pin it up in this board. Just flip the pages and you will have access to all the checklists.


Completed ChecklistCompleted Checklist

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