How to turn a Diaper box into a Storage Box!


I have recycled a lot of spare boxes lying around in the house! I really don’t like throwing them away and all of that does come down to a pile of boxes in the house.
And when you have baby in the house, you are sure to have your house overflowing with diaper boxes! I have used few of them to store our footwear for a while or stuffed in clothes which we were not using in this season but then I thought of covering them with decorative paper and using them to store the clothes and toys and stuff like that.

Below is a step by step:

There are a lot of tutorials on Pinterest which are so good! So, I too came up with doing something with the ones I had with me! I used some Self Adhesive sheets and I love the way these came out
From This!!!                        To This!!!
Recycle Diaper BoxRecycle Diaper Box


What all do you need?
Diaper Box, Self Dahesive sheets, Scissor and tape to secure the inside of the boxes.
Diaper BoxRecycle Diaper Box
I started by cutting the diaper boxes in half. Most of the times I have seen people using the whole box and covering it will fabric or paper. But I decide to cut it into half.
Cut the self adhesive sheet into size.
Scrapbook Paper
Now wrap both the box pieces with the self adhesive paper and your box is ready to be used as storage!!!

These are very easy to make and looks good too.


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