Pad Ped Mamuang Chicken from Thanon Khaosan.

Today’s review post is on ‘Pad Ped Mamuang Chicken’ from Thanon Khaosan.

This is the content of the packed box! Well the food was still very hot when I reached back and started eating!

Thai Food

It had cashews, chicken, bits of mushroom, egg, chilli jam sauce and Flat Noodles!
Oh well, the menu/pic showed Rice in it but what I got was noodle! was not really in mood to eat noodle but it tasted good. The overall taste of the dish was quite nice. Mushroom was cooked properly. the sauce had kind of sweet flavour, however the chicken was very dry though.

The quantity is good, and its good for a day when am hungry!
The food was ready when I reach there and the staff was really nice as well.

Overall, I would give this dish a 4 star.
For more food options visit their website:

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