Plum Sauce Salad from ‘Cafe RUMAH’

Starting some food review today with “Plum Sauce Salad from Cafe RUMAH!” :):) I have been ordering food thru Mealpal and have had really nice and not so nice experiences in the past few weeks! So, I thought of doing some reviews on the food that can be ordered through Mealpal!

Out of all the options available today I ordered the Plum Sauce Salad from Cafe RUMAH! Well, I had ordered that before and really liked the taste so, ordered it again today and I must say that I really like the Plum Sauce Salad, this is the third time I have ordered this Meal and really enjoyed relishing this!

This is how its packed & given to me! Well the things around it didn’t come with the food though!! 🙂

Plum Sauce Salad
It has Cabbage, Nuts, Coriander, Apple, Onion, Plum Sauce and Fried Tortilla!!!
I ate this salad 30 minutes after I picked it up from the cafe and the Tortillas were still crunchy! The rest of the salad had retained its crunchiness as well. The plum sauce has a balanced taste and is not very sweet. Overall a good experience enjoying a light salad.
Plum Sauce Salad
The quantity is OK, however its good for a day when am really not very hungry!
The staff is very friendly as well and keeps the food ready when I reach their Cafe.

Plum Sauce Salad
Well, I can’t find this dish listed on their site though, so not sure of the price. The site doesn’t have a search option too 🙁 Will update more details as and when I find out more.
Overall, I would give still it a 4 star because I cant really choose this option when am really hungry and would like to settle down for a salad, as this doesn’t fill me up, lack of protein I guess in it. So, if it had chicken/Egg/Tofu or other options to go with in it, it would be perfect!

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