Spicy Chilli Chicken Momo from The Muglan.

Today am writing on the Spicy Chilli Chicken Momo from The Muglan.

Momos are a favourites of mine and I’ve never let go off a chance to have momos. And I found this dish on the Mealpal menu.

This dish is mildly spiced (it is not very spicy that you can’t eat it without your ears getting red!)

This is how its packed & given to me! It has chicken dumplings covered in chilli sauce, onions, spring onion and capsicum.

Chilli Chicken Momo

The sauce has a balanced spicy and tangy taste and you can’t get enough with each bite. Overall a good experience enjoying my favourite food! 🙂

Chilli Chicken Momo

The quantity is good, and its really good for a day when am very hungry as it fills you up really quickly!
The staff is very friendly as well and makes me wait for a few minutes before they can pack it hot and hand it over to me.

I would give it a 5 star because as it meets all my criterias!
For more dishes from them visit their website: http://themuglan.com.au/

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