Miniature Garden

Miniature Garden


I have always fancied all things miniatures, miniature garden, fairies and fairy gardens since childhood and I can say that I haven’t changed much. I still have a big soft corner for them and these things are still my weakness.

As you already know, I generally don’t throw away things and am a keeper. So, when I found a broken bowl in my kitchen, I thought that I should finally live up to my dream and create a miniature garden no matter what. I haven’t tried anything before just because I though that it has to be perfect!. What I have learned over the years is that, there are no rules to follow, the rules that stand are only dictated by your heart.

And creating a miniature Garden for yourself should be an exploring, creative and calming experience. I feel its a way to get into the dream world that you created in your childhood and live it everyday post that!

So, I have finally done it and my miniature garden is ready. The best things is, I have made this with all things that I generally find lying around my house. And in addition to that my son helped me quite a bit in this…with the color combinations of the whole setup, choosing the animals and birds to use (It is overall a win win)….

Here are the items I used to create my miniature garden…

  • A broken bowl, which I wouldn’t use anymore.
  • I mostly have animals/birds in my garden. I have used my son’s Kinder egg toys for those cute animals and birds. 🙂 
  • The plants I used are all succulents. I know they can survive with less water and they look really beautiful.
  • Used tree sticks and yarn to create the ladders.
  • Used a cardboard to create the houses, fences and the sign.
  • Small pebbles are from my garden…
  • Jar covers and Tin covers to create the base for the houses.
  • Popsicle sticks for the small fences in the bowl.
  • Little butterfly and flower punch for the little decoration.
  • And some colored paper to make it look a bit nicer.

And the garden is ready! Here are some of the pics…

Here I first created the base of my garden, using various material I stated above.
Just a close up of the base of the house.
The tiny house, before it was painted and decorated.
The big house before it was painted or decorated.
Miniature Garden
Here is the completed Miniature Garden 🙂
Miniature Garden
Side view of the garden to show you all the elements.
Miniature Garden
Side view of the garden to show you all the elements.

If you too love these garden, then don’t wait and get started on it…trust me, its very therapeutic.

Please leave a comment to let me know what you think of this Miniature Garden. 🙂

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